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1.  Know your Chapter-wise Self Assessment. 2.  Know your  Understanding level of each chapter.  3.  Know your Accuracy level of each chapter.  4.  Know your Time management in terms of chapter as well as each question.  5.  Know your  Negativity level of each chapter.   6.  Know your  Question-wise strength & weakness analysis.  7.  Know your  Speed of solving questions.

Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy

Net study India is a unique online platform managed by professional, who strives to cater the present day needs of future engineers and doctors. In today’s world of severe competition, we believe in working hard the smart way.

In competitive examinations like JEE and NEET, the emphasis is on the fundamental concepts and their application. The questions asked in these tests challenges the conceptual clarity and the reasoning ability of the students. If an aspirant do not practice the same type of questions in the similar settings, it becomes very difficult for him/her to tackle and overcome problems like management of time, optimal question choices and most importantly the pressure to perform on the D-DAY. By associating with us, an aspirant gets the one stop solution to all such issues. We offer around a 100+ test which includes chapter wise quizzes followed by full syllabus exams. We also offer a unique feature which allows a student to appear in a test of his choice by clubbing different chapters from different subjects. After every exam, an aspirant is provided a thorough analysis report of his performance which is based on various parameters like Question wise performance, Time management, Weak topics and many more.

There is no feeling worse than the feeling of regret which you experience when the time passes and you realise that you have let the opportunity go. So, better act than regret. Call us and we will make sure that you get into the institution of your dreams.

What You”ll Get

Topic-wise Self Assessment
Helps in time management
Subject wise strength & weakness analysis
Paper wise performance up gradation
Conceptual Clarity & Reasoning Ability
Speed with Accuracy
Believes in practical approach.

Self Assessment & Improvement by regular practice.
Optimal Question Selection
How and what to prepare
Management of Time

Exam Offered By Us

How N.S.I. differs from others who are also providing the same?

What are the benifits of registering with N.S.I.

How secure is the payment that I make through your website.

What is the duration of paid membership.

Toppers of the Month

Kamaljeet Sangha

120 marks (100 percent) marks in CHEMISTRY+2, SOLID STATE

komal Aggarwal

120 marks (100 percent) marks in PHYSICS+1, Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory

Sandeep Kaur

116 marks (96.67 percent) marks in Chemistry+1 , Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Kamaljeet Sangha

115 marks (95.83 percent) marks in CHEMISTRY+2, CHEMISTRY IN EVERYDAY LIFE

Vivek Sahota

115 marks (95.83 percent) marks in PHYSICS+1, Work, Energy & Power

Anupam Jain

115 marks (95.83 percent) marks in Maths+1, Sets

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